Who We Are...

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The Louisville Cartoonist Society (LCS) is a Louisville, Kentucky based independent comics group, formed in 2009 by a group of artists who all shared the same goal…making comics. The society members focus on sharing ideas, collaborating on comic books, critiquing each others’ work and the larger task of promoting and selling our own self-published books. We encourage the creation of new comics and help local artists connect to their audience. Cartoonists unite!

LCS Events...

art jams

LCS Monthly Art Jams!!

Everyone is invited to meet up with us and draw the afternoon away. We meet up on the Fourth friday of every month.

Drink and Draw

Drink and Draw @ Zanzabar

The Louisville Cartoonist Society (LCS) meets about every 6 weeks. Our weekly Drink-n-Draw is a great way to get involved with the group and meet some of our members. We meet up at Zanzabar in Louisville, KY every Wednesday from 7:30p to 11p.

Art Exchange

Art exchange

A few times a year, we get together and exchange some awesome sketches. Sign up and join us for the LCS Art Exchange.


LCS Anthologies...



Legends is the latest anthology project produced by the Louisville cartoonist society

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